Sunday, August 26, 2012

Blog Assignment #1

My Life
My name is Steven Scott Webber Jr. I was born and raise in Mobile,Al and fortunately I have had the pleasure of living in the same house all of my life. The major i would like to pursue is exercise science and in that field I want to be a personal trainer or a strength and conditioning coach. At the start of my college career I was attending Faulkner State on a tennis scholarship but when my scholarship wasn't renewed for the upcoming season I decided to transfer to South Alabama saving me gas from not having to drive to Faulkner and back everyday.
My mom and dad are my two biggest supporters in just about everything i do and along side them if my younger sister and brother. My passion would consist of sports, without sports I would be a completely different person. I love to stay active no matter what I'm doing. Over the course of my life I have played every sport that was available to me. I also love being around my friends as much as I can. Most people I meet we tend to end up being friends sooner or later. That's why I live by the motto "live life with no regrets."

Time Management
In Randy Pausch on Time Management it is teaching you about proper ways to be more productive. A big problem Americans have is procrastination, I know I am apart of that group, ending that would boost productivity drastically. When setting goals its much better to do the right thing than to do the wrong things right. I also learned that, experience comes with time and there are no short cuts to getting it and you can't fake experience. I have not seen any other videos on Randy Pausch but after watching this one I am intrigued to watch more on his lectures.